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a dana scully/ nick miller appreciation life. actual trash. i'm in love with her her her her and her.


Mulder and Scully are flirting up a storm on twitter right now, it’s amazing.

2k14 goals: become less emotionally dependant on tv shows

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guys im worried about maja QUICK SEND HER FLUFF MSR FIC or cute pictures of doges this girl needs some cheerin up prONTO s7 was rough on all of us. come join the support group

Still Sane


still sane | lorde

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who was like let’s make a show about aliens!!!! let’s make the two main characters have a painful life and hey!!!! let’s make it more painful each season!!!! it’s not painful enough!!!! ha ha ha let’s kill everything they love!!!! let’s also make them super obviously in love!!!! but let’s not gonna get them together!!! also no kissing!!!! ha ha ha!!! good show!!!! b-)

don’t ever watch x files if you’re like Ha cool show about aliens Grungy 90’s cool don’t back away run away i can;t do this

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